DRCongo is an area which is poor in resources and rich in need. As a result, many different projects are being developed to assist the people of the area.

The projects cover a broad spectrum but all come down to helping people by serving their needs.

The Construction of Patmos Children’s Village Chapel

The chapel on the Patmos Children’s Village Campus is a temporary building which has seen one too many rainy seasons. This structure was built to serve as a temporary meeting place for the children, however a tropical thunder storm with wind and heavy rain did a lot of damange to this simple structure. Now the building is unsafe and the children are going to the campus of the University of Idjwi nearby in order to have meetings and church services. PROLASA has made plans for the construction of a new chapel but there are not enough funds at the present time to begin construction. The construction of a chapel for the Patmos Children’s Village is one of PROLASA’s priorities.

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Old Chapel on the Children's Village Campus

The Appropriate Technology Program

Cooking in Africa typically involves open fires or charcoal. The difficulties with these methods are lung illnesses from smoke, deforestation, as well as financial and labor costs.

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Testing a Solar Oven

The Children’s Footwear Project

Proper footwear is an important issue for those at the Children’s Village. With this in mind a volunteer has been working to protect the feet and health of the little ones.

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Orphan Child From Idjwi With Crocs



PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma

The PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma was destroyed during the volcanic lava flow in January 2002. From 2002 to 2007 the Medical Centre was housed in a rented facility in the Himbi District, but now a project is underway to build a new Medical Centre in the City of Goma.

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Site of the New PROLASA Medical Centre in Goma