Photo Gallery

We hope that you enjoy this collection of some of our favorite photos from Africa.

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Medical Work

Consulting a Patient In GomaVisiting Doc Examining PatientMedical Consultations in Gomadaniel_doing_minor_surgery.JPG

The Refugees’ Plight

Children From Goma’s Refugee CampChild of CrisisChild Cooking at the Refugee Camp

Child of the Camp

View of a Refugee Camp

Refugee Child

Children of Africa

Little Drummer GirlSmiling FaceYoung Congolese GirlYoung Congolese Man

African Wildlife

Perched Weaver Young KuduThe Mighty Cape BuffaloFruit Bat (As He Tries To Sleep)Beside A Mighty HippoLook HigherThe King of the JungleKing of the JungleThe Splendid StarlingA Long Way UpAnhinga In FlightCroc on the BankGrevy’s ZebraKudu PortraitMalachite KingfisherMother and Child ReunionSable AntelopeStar With StripesSpotted HyaenaSavanah StripesStraight As an ArrowWaterbuckYoung ImpalaWildebeestThe Great OneThe Camp Robber